Photo History 1984 – 2010

Jazz, Middle Eastern, and Beyond

“Shades of Shader” – live –

1984 – 1999

BOB LUCAS, a genius level pianist and vocalist, led a number of bands I had the pleasure to be in. I worked with him for 20 some years, and learned an incredible amount from him about jazz and showmanship.

L to R: Bob Drew,  alto sax; Ed Smith, drums; Tom Shader, acoustic bass; Bob Lucas, piano – vocals.

The recording features Bob, I, and Paul Distel on drums.

“When Your Lover Has Gone”

1984 – 2004

LOIS TANNER was the featured vocalist with the Bob Lucas Quartet. Like Bob, she was not only a wonderful musician, but also a consummate performer. Lois has the ability to make everybody in the room feel special, a truly amazing talent.

The recording features:

“Jumping At The Woodside”
featuring Dave Black – Drums
“So Danca Samba”

1986 – 2010

PHILIP G. SMITH and the GENTLEMEN OF JAZZ kept me working for more than 24 years (including most of 2010). Philip is a great performer and musician – a superb instrumentalist and vocal stylist – as a band leader he has the ability to bring out the best in his players so that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Top photo: L to R: Tom Shader; drummer Dave Black; Philip Grady Smith; guitarist Leo Cavanagh.

Top recording: Philip Smith, woodwinds – vocals; Ken Fishler, piano; Tom Shader, acoustic bass; Dave Black, drums.

In it’s final incantation, with Ross and Kendrick, the “Gentlemen” were singing 4 part arrangements as well as playing their collective ass off.

Lower photo: Drummer Kendrick Freeman; Philip G. Smith; pianist Ross Gualco; me.

Lower recording: Philip and I are joined by Ross Gualco, piano – vocals; Kendrick Freeman, congas; Kevin Dillon, drums.

GENTLEMEN OF JAZZ C.D.’s can be ordered .

contact: [email protected]

“America’s Cup”


THE LEO CAVANAGH TRIO, with Leo on guitar and Kevin Dillon on drums, was a very solid group with  imaginative playing on standards and some of Leo’s wonderful originals (like “America’s Cup”).

L to R: Leo Cavanagh, Kevin Dillon, Tom Shader

“Alf Lailah Wa Lailah”

1985 – 2003

JAZAYER played Middle Eastern , Greek , Turkish, and the like, as well as some amazing originals in the same idioms. They had to “spoon feed” me this stuff for a long time, but to me it was so worth it. Many fine recordings exist on Vince’s website. The untimely and tragic deaths of both Mimi and Devi-ja effectively ended this band. I miss it. 

Mimi Spencer, qanun – vocals; Devi-ja Croll, violin; Tom Shader, bass; Vince Delgado, riqq, bendir ; Coralie Russo, oud.     – listen for the quarter tones –

JAZAYER music can be found on “CDBaby” under Vince Delgado. 




HIJAZ was a very ambitious project. We took greek rhythms and middle eastern scales (sans quarter tones) and shoved them into the world of jazz. This was an ear opening experience with two stellar musicians and best buddies. Big Fun!!!

The selection here is an original (as 95% of our stuff was) latin tune in eleven.

Vince Delgado, percussion; Jim Putman, guitar; Tom Shader, bass.

HIJAZ can be found on “CDBaby” under Vince Delgado.



The JEFF SANFORD BAND worked every Thursday at the Iron Gate in Menlo Park. Jeff is a world class reedman and entertainer who assembled a top notch quartet including Jeff Gato on piano and Steve Mitchel on drums.

“London Blues”


The AMERICAN HERITAGE JAZZ BAND had perhaps too many gifted individuals in one organization. We played dixieland, swing, latin, second line, and other related genres at the greater area’s local Trad Jazz festivals.

L to R: drums; George Ballentine, drums; Bill Bachman, trumpet; Ed Wetteland, piano; Barbara Wetteland, vocals; Tom Shader, bass; Jeff Sanford, reeds; A.J. Jackson, trombone.

“Inertial You”


Brian and Jacquie Godden and I started GOING ONCE to combine the best elements of jazz, folk, and rock. We all sang (Jacquie had a beautiful voice) and utilized our 3 part vocals to put our own spin on everything from Elvis to Ellington, Beatles to Jobim. Our sets featured a lot of originals.s

Brian Godden, vocals – guitar; Jacquie  Godden, vocals – congas; Tom Shader, vocals – acoustic bass.

“Lunabridge Blue”


ORBIS (and before that STREET OF DREAMS – 1994) was a project near and dear to my heart. Three part harmonies and top notch instrumentalists helped propel innovative yet accessible originals, standards, and a few pop classics beyond the norm. The recording “Shadows and Dreams” is still available.

L to R: Bill DeKuiper, guitar – vocals; Kevin Dillon, drums; Jacquie Godden, congas – vocals (you should hear her sing!); Tom Shader, bass – vocals; Jeff Sanford, reeds.

ORBIS’s C.D. “Shadows and Dreams” can be ordered directly from me.



Claire Victor put together A SWINGIN’ AFFAIR to work wine country events. The band covered everything from funk, to jazz, to rock, to blues, to latin, to… well you get the idea. We worked a ton.

L to R: Tom Shader, bass – vocals; Kendrick Freeman, drums – vocals; Claire Victor, vocals; Grant Johnson, keyboards – vocals; Ed Randol, reeds – Vocals.

“Dangled Voice”


THE VINCE DELGADO QUINTET, like all of the projects I’ve been fortunate enough to do with Vince, was incredibly interesting and fun. All the musicians involved were stellar, and the music was simply a gas. 

This composition uses the rhythms of two sevens, one twice as fast as the other, played at the same time,. The bass line  (although in an “odd” time) is reminiscent of the “Salsa” tradition.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say the result beautifully powerful and haunting.

L to R: Joey Edleman, piano; Vince Delgado, percussion; Tom Shader, bass; Susu Pampanin, percussion; Matt Eakle, flute.

To find the music, go to CDBaby under Vince’s name.


“An American Tune”


NANCY TIERNEY is an exceptional vocalist and entertainer. Her jazzed based cabaret is both engaging and entertaining.

Nancy has moved to New York City to pursue her career. Our loss is their gain.


“It Ain’t Necessarily So”



Don McCarroll’s masterful keyboard work sounds a bit like a blend of Shearing and  Guaraldi, with maybe some Tjader thrown in for good measure. Add the superlative percussion of Vince Delgado and my own contribution, and the result is quite an original sound, smooth and yet very dynamic. We still perform occasionally.

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