Extra Stuff

This section contains information that is beside the point, 

    yet fun enough to be included.

    Check it out.

Patty Cake
– worth watching

Patty Cake (Short)

Patty Cake (Long)

Original Music I actually
have recordings of…

Originals (Page 1)

Originals (Page 2)

Originals (Page 3)

  Children’s Songs
  – original music for
  an instructional DVD

Room 15 (Page 1)

Room 15 (Page 2)

Video of the Gentlemen of Jazz,
Live at Uva, Dec. 2003
focused on drummer Dave Black

Hot House

Hot House performed the music of the Swing Era. I had the pleasure of working with these fun and excellent musicians for decades. Bill DeKuiper, guitar; Jack Schaeffer, sax; Jim Gammon, trumpet. 2015?

videos and bio: