Name Dropping

National Notables

Howard Alden
Steve Allen
Frankie Avalon
Hal Blaine
Pat Boone
Michael Buble’
Jimmy Bruno
Vic Damone
Eddie Fisher
Eydie Gorme
Jake Hanna

Chris Hayes
Zakir Hussain
Steve Lawrence
Laurie Lewis
Howard Levi
Hal Linden
Henry Mancini
Peter Marshall
Johnny Mathis
Paul McCandless
Tommy Newsome
Andreas Oberg
Mavis Rivers

Peter Rowan
Dina Shore
Claudia Schmidt
Steve Smith
Bryan Sutton
Martin Taylors
Tony Tennille
Grover Washington Jr.
Peter Yarrow
Jesse Colin Young

Local Luminaries

Rex Allen
Colin Bailey
Benny Barth
Dave Black
Ritchie Cole
Vince Delgado
Eddy Duran
Mike Greensill
Noel Jewkes
Harold Jones
Calvin Keys
Bob Lucas
Mel Martin
Si Perkoff
Al Plank
Kevin Porter
Jim Rothermel
Jeff Sanford
Philip G. Smith
Adam Theis
Randy Vincent
Ed Wetteland
Wesla Whitfield

(This list omits more than it contains. I apologize to the scores of fabulous musicians/friends whose names do not appear here, ‘cause I forgot…)

I’ve done “opening act” for….

Sam Butera and the Witness
Mike Conners
Kyle Eastwood
Buddy Hackett
John Handy
Englebert Humperdinck
Arte Johnson
Harvey Korman
Monica Mancini
Steve Martin 
Debbie Reynolds 
The Smothers Brothers  
Pancho Sanchez
Connie Stevens
Livingston Taylor
Mel Torme
Robert Wagner
Dweezil Zappa
Frank Zappa

Along with countless private parties, bars, restaurants, and (as my friend the great pianist arranger Ed Wetteland says) upholstered toilets”, I recall I’ve played a gig or six at the:

Banff Springs Hotel, Canada
Benicia Jazz Fest – Ca.
Coconut Grove, S.F., Ca.
Concord Pavilion –  Ca.

County Fairs in:

Marin, Ca.
Mendocino, Ca.
Sonoma, Ca.
Cotati Jazz Fest – Ca.
Great American Music Hall – S.F., Ca.

Local trad oriented jazz festivals in:

Mammoth Lakes, Ca.
Monterey, Ca.
Morrow Bay, Ca.
Phoenix, Ar.
Vancouver, Canada
Meadow Brook Music Festival – Mich.
Ravin Gallery – Detroit, Mich.
Russian River Jazz Fest – Ca.
Sacramento Jazz Jubilee – Ca.
Vallejo Jazz Fest – Ca.
Yoshi’s, Oakland – Ca.
Yoshi’s, S.F. – Ca.

I’ve Entertained:

Mario Andretti
Willie Brown
John Candy
Sean Connery
Joe DiMaggio
Clint Eastwood
Ethan Hawk
Eric Idle
Joe Montana
Sean Penn
Charles Schultz
John Sinclair
Jill St. John
Sharon Stone
Uma Thurman
Robin Williams

My Shoe size is 11.