Photo History 1966-1983

Rock, Folk, and Early Jazz


THE CHAYN was the first band I was in that actually worked a lot. I think I was 15 or 16 in this photo. This was basically a cover band, although we (mostly Bill) did write a tune or two.

L to R: Paul Games, rhythm guitar – keyboards; Stuart Gulliver, lead guitar – vocals; Ray Smith, drums – vocals; Bill Martin, lead vocals – rhythm guitar; Tom Shader, electric bass – vocals


SALAMANDER was a great band. We practiced our original tunes (80% written by Bill, the rest by me) and few covers for hours each day. We lived communally and played mostly coffee houses. I took the lion’s share of the solos. We not only had incredibly tight 3 part vocals, we also did quite a lot of home made theater. We had props, sets, “T” shirts, some costumes, and some choreographed dance routines. We wrote an “opera” illustrated with a comic book, featured a 6 foot dancing frog, and had a “Patty Cake” act that will knock your eyes out. (“Patty Cake” has survived the years….click to check it out.)

L to R: Gail Swailes, vocals; Tom Shader,electric bass – vocals; Bill Martin, guitar – vocals. That’s Amy, my goat. Not pictured and yet integral parts of our band/commune: Dave Burt, manager – roadie – dancing frog; Carol Sherman, production assistant – occasional vocals.


SCARECROW was another excellent band that featured 4 part harmonies and a eclectic mix of original and cover tunes.

This picture was taken in a bar in Keego Harbor, Michigan. L to R: Christopher Morgan Loy, piano – vocals; Don Fulgueras, guitar – vocals; Tom Shader, electric bass – vocals; Dana Newhouse, drums – vocals. Don,Christopher, and I are still in music, I believe Dana now works in the film industry (or both).



JEF FISK played guitar in the folk circuit. In our duo, he wrote and sang all the songs, and he let me  do whatever I wanted. I was responsible for backup harmonies, electric bass,  cello, and harmonica. I loved it.

L to R: Jef, Obediah (my racoon), and me. 

JEF FISK ‘s music is available.


I include this picture because the story is so cool. The session was in the studio at the top of the Chrysler Building, downtown Detroit. 

Mr. Gaines (I kid you not) – 5th from L – took the cacophony of 9 or 10 musicians, mixed it on 2 track, and made our Torch Drive commercial sound good! 

R of him, Maureen and Rich Delgrosso: mandolin, guitar, vocals; bare chested me, Jef Fisk – – 2nd from R, Wally Young: vocals, guitar, writer – whose project it was.


SWING SHIFT was my first San Francisco band. We played rockabilly, doing opening act for some of the better known bands in the bay area.

Back row – L to R: Rob Anderson, drums; Tom Shader, electric bass – vocals; Tom Goebels, lead guitar (these guys were really good, we did some independent work as the GAS rhythm section); front –  Robin, vocals; Ned Self, pedal steel guitar.


NIGHTFALL had a lot of talent, but never seemed to get it totally together. Disco had hit big time, and we just weren’t “slick” enough. The level of musicianship, however, was excellent.

L to R: Peter Dresher, keyboard – vocals; Tom Shader, electric bass – vocals; Rex, drums; Anastasia, lead vocals.

“Machine Age Man”


THRESHOLD became SATELLITE when we added drums. A good rock and roll cover band that had a few originals, we worked all the time.

L to R: Norman, drums; Topher Sisson, lead guitar – vocals; Alex Armstrong, rhythm guitar – vocals; Tom Shader, electric bass – vocals. My friend Christopher Morgan Loy came for a visit just as we were in the studio, so he put on a great piano part on my tune “Machine Age Man”.

“Machine Age Man”


THE HIDEAWAYS were an all original music “New Wave” rock band. We were on salary to rehearse, but the money ran out before the “break” happened. Here’s another version of “Machine Age Man”.

L to R: Tom, electric bass – vocals; Gill, drums; Marna, lead vocals; Fernando, lead guitar – vocals; Bob, keyboard – vocals.

“Afternoon in Paris”


JAZZ RESEARCH, my first foray into the world of jazz with the acoustic bass. We played mostly standards, with a few originals.

L to R: Susan Sutton, piano – voice; Tom Shader, acoustic bass – vocals; Brad Schabel, guitar; Steve Burdick, drums.



THE SHADOWS tried to have feet in both worlds. Half jazz, half rock. The recording features me singing a Top 40 rock tune.

L to R: Brad Schabel, guitar – vocals; John Rosenburg, piano – vocals; Tom Shader, acoustic and electric bass – vocals; Jamie, drums.

“Swingin’ at the Cotton Club”

1983 –
HOT HOUSE plays 30’s and 40’s swing music. I still get to work occasionally with this great band.

L to R: Phil Richardson, violin – guitar – vocals; Elizabeth Hersey, lead vocals; Bill DeKuiper, guitar – vocals; Tom Shader, acoustic bass. Also featured on the recording, Bob Belanski, drums.



MISTAKEN IDENTITY, a new wave cover band, worked constantly.  This was my last serious rock/electric bass project.

L to R: Mark McGrannigan, guitar – vocals; Tom Shader, electric bass – vocals; Denie, Lead vocals; Gary, drums; Jerry, keyboards – vocals.

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