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    In 2006 I was contracted to write a series of children’s songs for an instructional video, “Room 15”. I prepared 8 songs. The demo versions were recorded in my practice room on a 2 track recorder. I play and sing all parts except for the guitar work on the “A,E,I,O,U Blues” and “Room 15” (swing – gospel) which my friend Bill DeKuiper was kind enough to provide. My then 10 year old son, Adrian, his friend Ellie Paul, and my wife Gabi helped with the vocals on “Every Letter Has A Sound”. 

    Only a few tunes were used in the final version, and sometimes the producers only used the instrumental background grooves to complement the action.

    The actual soundtrack for the Room 15 DVD was recorded at John Simon’s “J Dog Studio” in Sonoma, Ca. The musicians were The Gentlemen of Jazz (Philip Smith, reeds – vocals; Ross Gualco, piano – vocals, Kevin Dillon, drums, and myself, bass – vocals). Again, Adrian and Ellie helped with “The Alphabet”. 

    Christian Pramuk did the DVD graphics.

    Sean Pramuk was instrumental in getting me involved and in facilitating the project’s success.

    Robin Thompson was the author and driving force behind the project.

    It was a lot of fun.

    Page 2 has the actual opening sequence graphics, and one of the studio instrumental tracks.

“Room 15” is available at:    [email protected]

~~(Homemade  Demos)~~

“Room 15” (Swing)
“A.E.I.O.U. Blues”
“Every Letter Has a Sound”
“Room 15” (Funk)

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