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“Machine Age Man”

    I still really like this recording of “Machine Age Man”. Besides benefiting from some really solid “new wave” rock players, it also has the “secret weapon” of a guest performance by my good friend Maestro Christopher Morgan Loy. Christopher is a concert pianist and classical composer buddy who happened to be on the coast the week we were doing our demo. He and I had collaborated for years (notably in SCARECROW), and he was willing to put his mark on this tune.

Going through this stuff, I was pleased to discover that “Omen” has it’s moments.

SATELLITE – L to R: drummer, Norman (I don’t remember who did the recording); Topher Sisson, guitar – vocals; Alex Armstrong, guitar – vocals; Tom Shader, electric bass – vocals.

“Inertial You”

    Going Once birthed a lot of excellent tunes. I include this demo version (done on 4 track tape in a living room) of “Inertial You” because it is so different from Orbis’ version (Originals, page 1) that Jacquie and I worked on a couple of years later. It’s a lot faster and I’m singing lead.

GOING ONCE: Brian Godden, guitar – vocals; Jacquie Godden, congas – vocals; Tom Shader, bass – vocals.

“On My Mind and In My Heart”

    I started writing vocal arrangements (both 3 and 4 parts) for the GENTLEMEN of JAZZ early on in this century.

    I wrote “On My Mind and In My Heart” for the release “Almost Live At Uva”. It’s dedicated to Gabi, my wife.

    Philip sings lead.

THE GENTLEMEN OF JAZZ: Philip G. Smith, reeds – vocals; Ross Gualco, piano – vocals; Kendrick Freeman, drums – vocals; Tom Shader, bass – vocals.

    “Almost Live At Uva” is available.

    contact: [email protected]

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