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“Better Gift”
“There Is No You”
“Inertial You”
“Little Wish”

These pages contain some of the pieces I’ve written.

    Original music doesn’t always make it to the recording stage. It often is played with respect and love, and then eventually phased out in favor of new material.

    Thankfully there are exceptions to the rule.

    ORBIS came about because my good friend, Bill DeKuiper, and I were talking about some of the original tunes we had written and performed with Jacquie Godden in a trio called Street of Dreams two years before. We decided to go into the studio and “archive” our work.

    We enlisted Kevin Dillon on drums and Jeff Sanford on reeds for the project. It was fun enough and sounded good enough for us to pursue the project for a couple of years. I am eternally grateful.

Jacquie sings lead on “There is No You”, “Inertial You”, and “Little Wish” (she was phenomenal). I sing lead  “Better Gift”. (“Lunabridge Blue” can be found in my Photo History Info, “Do WE Bop” is background for my Photo History Slideshow.)Vocal arrangements were a group effort.  

ORBIS: Jacquie Godden, vocals – congas; Bill DeKuiper,     

    Guitar – vocals; Jeff Sanford, reeds, Kevin Dillon. drums;     

   Tom Shader, acoustic bass – vocals – harmonica.

I still have a pile of Orbis C.D.s –

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They can be ordered on CDBaby – http://cdbaby.com/cd/orbis23

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